Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Remember to Breathe,

My tree, 2012

How is your energy meter?  I hope it is on, so you are able to enjoy the holidaysget something done, and rest at the same time.  We are not quite done with our tree; but then again, ornaments tend to move around as long as it's up.  There is always another angle or better place for the ornaments, especially when your labrador retriever knocks off an ornament with her tail.  Last year we didn't put up a Christmas tree, because I had surgery;  and I knew I was not going to be able to take it down after the surgery.  Furthermore, my Fibro-brain was not working well enough to think of a way to rearrange the furniture to fit in our tree.  Don't you love it when your brain is working better, so you can do the things you have been wanting to do?

This is archived material.  Remember to Breathe. People are more important than decorations.  Keep it simple if you have too.  Love, Deborah

P.S..I have not started decorating either.

Quite honestly, I am not sure where to go with today's blog post.  I am probably like most of you, trying to keep my head above water, and not get a flare-up.  Speaking of flare-ups, last week I got a cortisone shot in my right knee and it feels so much better, but I am seriously thinking of asking for one in my left knee.  Arthritis in both knees is not fun.  Actually, arthritis anywhere is not good, but such is life;  moreover, I put some serious wear and tear on my knees when I was younger.  I am thankful for the good years they gave me.

Some of you may be wondering how the green coffee extract is working for me.  So far, I do not feel any caffeine effects, which goes along with the research I did on what other people had said about GCE.  I am still keeping my food journal, also I include the time I take medicine and supplements, as well as what they are.  Now, for the good part -- I have lost four pounds!  Woohoo!  That takes me back to where I was before Thanksgiving, and I have been able to go to dinners and parties -- two of them.  However, I know of times this has been my undoing, so I am a happy lady.  By the way, moderate low-carb is keeping my blood sugar at an even keel.  That's a good thing too.

So goes the 2012 Christmas Season for me so far.  Most of the presents are ready to be wrapped, and I plan to start that soon -- one or two a day.  God bless you all at this wonderful time of year.  I pray for you to enjoy the blessings and good memories of past Christmases as well.

Also, check out what I have to say on my right sidebar about one of my favorite online shopping places who I happen to be an affiliate with.  I will give you a hint -- think of strong, tall woman, who is a warrior.  And aren't we warriors too, guys and gals?  We are fighting fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases, as well as finding ways to live our lives happily and more fully.  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2014

When You Feel Rushed

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Feeling rushed?  Does your body get tingly and you know you need to slow down, but your mind says, "Keep going.  You have so much to do."  Well, your brain is not saying that when you feel like your body is getting rushed.  Only your thoughts are saying I have so much to do.  Your subconscious is saying it is time to slow down. Your brain knows you are trying to do too much at once, so listen to what your body is telling you.

  • But, I have to go to that sale.  Why?  There are going to be more.
  • I have to hurry and make this meal, so I can get back to work.  Slow down and enjoy making the meal.  Don't let your brain feel fuzzy from rushing.
  • I don't have time to eat lunch:  I have to ... I should...  You need to have nourishment for strength and enjoy your food, so you don't want to graze all afternoon.
  • I have to wash four loads of laundry today.  No you don't.  Do the two most important, and do one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.
  • I have to mop my floor, or my kids will pick up more germs than going outside.  Really?
  • I have to decorate the whole house today.  No you don't.  Smell the roses and do a little at a time.
Why am I writing this?  Because I am guilty of the should's and the have-to's.  I want to get many things done, but I have limited time.  We all work with time limits and with energy limits.  If we exceed our speed limit, then, we begin to get in trouble -- even when we are healthy, BUT especially if we have a chronic illness.
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But I am taking supplements.  I feel so much better.  Does that make me or you Superman or Superwoman?  No. 

When we get where we are going, we will get there.  We do not have to prove anything to the world or to our families.

Image Courtesy of Feelart/

Please enjoy this beautiful Christmas season.  God bless you and Breathe...........

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Busy, Then Sleepy Sunday

Images by D. Bolton

I am so happy I was able to go to church and Sunday School today.  I even sang in the choir -- lots of getting up and sitting down, as well as holding a choir folder.  And, singing does take energy.
Thank you, Jesus.

Only thing is I konked out this afternoon, and now I am up.  One of my friends at church said I thought what you are taking is making you feel better.  I explained to her, I had messed up by taking it too close to my Thyroid medicine, which counteracted what my thyroid meds are supposed to do.  So now, I have a new medicine and supplement schedule (which got messed up this afternoon).  Some people seem to think just because something makes you feel better, you are instantly better.  However, that is not the way it works.  I was much better this summer, but I still have several chronic diseases, including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  They both react to change of seasons.  Also, I had a virus this month for about a week and a Urinary Tract Infection, which tends to sap your body of energy.  Also, as soon as the weather changed, my body reacted.  I think I am beginning to adjust.

This was my second time out this month.  Did I add that my Sunday School room is on the third floor, and I had to climb stairs?

People that are well or do not have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have a hard time understanding how deep our fatigue can go, or how our bodies take longer to heal.  I know that I will have to take my supplements the rest of my life.  They make me feel better, and may heal me from the inside out;  however, I still have CFS and FM.  I have only been taking my new supplements since June, 2014.  For heaven's sake, give me a break!

 And as change of season effects, plus my realization my thyroid meds were being taken too close to my vitamins, I have still had more muscular strength this month.  I have not had that weak limbed feeling until this afternoon, and that is because I was exhausted.   I am so happy to be able to do more.  May it continue with God's help and my new supplements.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Dynamics and Holiday Visits

Image Courtesy of  worradmu

Are you going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving?  Are you planning on traveling and possibly taking food you can eat with you, as well as some family favorites?  Do you have new family dynamics to deal with, such as going to your grown up child's home?  Or, maybe you are planning on visiting your parents, but mom or dad are ill.  Maybe, one parent has taken over areas that used to be dominated by the parent, who has an illness.  I am sure there are dozens of different family dynamics that we could talk about;  however, I am going to touch on a few, and we can discuss the rest over on my Facebook Page, Chronic Fatigue and Creative Decluttering.

First of all, you need to consider how far you are traveling and how.  If you are traveling in an automobile, you can consider taking food if it is not too far and you will have room in the car.  However, if you are flying that is out of the question.  Also, what you take may depend on when you plan to arrive.  If you are going for Thanksgiving weekend, are you going to arrive on the big day or prior to Thanksgiving?  This could  make a difference in whether you plan taking food or not taking food with you.

In my own case, it depends on whose house I am going to in whether I take a prepared casserole, salad, or dessert.  In the past, there was one kitchen I always felt at home in.  I knew I could go to the store, buy what I needed, and prepare some food there.  I could even prepare a whole meal if my host and hostess had no particular plans.  Let's call that Kitchen 1.

In Kitchen 2,  I knew that my nerves and the nerves of the hostess would suffer, so I contributed by helping with clean up and bringing dishes that I had made ahead.  Heating food up was no problem.  Or, my husband and I would contribute by taking the hostess out, or bringing food in from Cracker Barrel.

Image Courtesy of Ambro
In Kitchen 3, we decide who is going to make what;  and, I usually try to make things ahead.  or, I pick something up when we get there.  Also, I try to help with clean-up, such as washing the things that have to be washed by hand or loading the dishwasher.

Rules and Foibles of the Host and Hostess

  1. Does your host rinse off every dish before it goes in the dishwasher?  Do it, and don't complain.  It is not worth the sorrow it causes to complain about a rule like that.  You will be frustrated and so will your host.
  2. Why spend every family get together arguing about things that make little difference.  Enjoy the variety of personalities in your family.  Choose your discussions wisely.  If there must be a discussion about something that is touchy, choose the time you talk with tact and wisdom.  Also, avoid those kind of discussions during a meal.  That is a sure prescription for indigestion.
  3. Does you hostess like to hang pretty little hand towels.  It's her house.  Be glad she tries to make it pretty for you.
  4. Do your consider you hosts penchant for decorating a bit on the side of being a slob?  Be happy you don't have to live there, and think about a motel next time.  You could invite him or her out for a meal.  Or, maybe you could help your host by cleaning a bathroom, dusting, and vacuuming.  Make this a family affair if you have a chronic illness.  Do Not Insult Your Host or Hostess.  He will be mad, and you will feel bad.
  5. Realize that we all do things differently.  Make allowances.  Be kind and stay away from snide remarks.  

Preparing Ahead of Time

Image Courtesy of Ambro
If this visit means different people will be bringing food and it is not an enormous gathering, find out ahead of time what your hostess is planning on fixing, then coordinate with other people that are coming like your sister or sister-in-law.  Maybe, your host will be the one that coordinates.  However, it is always good to plan ahead.  If you have special dietary needs, then don't expect everyone else to cater to that, unless you are blessed to have someone that already does that for you.  Plan ahead and bring something you can eat.

I am not sure I am answering all the questions that might be going through our minds at this time.  For instance, I am wondering if we should plan to stay in a hotel for one of our visits.  It would certainly help me to get the rest I need, and I would be more comfortable.  Of course, there are so many different things to consider, like how wonderful it is to share breakfast with family members or hear the voices of your grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.  You have to work this out in your own mind, according to your family's needs.

May you have many blessings and much peace as you plan your family holiday.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making My Dining Room / Office Pretty for Fall

My goal for my dual purpose room was to clean up the pile that had assembled on the dining table as we came back from vacation;  as I worked on on sewing project;  and as we dropped mail or other items on the table.  Our dining room table, which is also my desk, is a prime hot spot in our house. When other work and activities seem more important, that becomes the easy place to leave things so they will be found later.  It becomes a frustrating eyesore that invites more clutter to it's already messy surface.

I thought I had beat this old habit last year.  However, unfortunately, it is a habit that is easy for every member of the family to contribute to;  although, I think I may be the worst offender.  

So, what do you do when you have an area that attracts clutter, and this habit of dropping things off persists in your home?  You clean up that area a little at a time, while also continuing to do the other things you do in your life.  If you choose to work for one or two 15 increments each day, it is a fairly easy thing to do.  Break the job up into smaller amounts, dusting as you go.  When you get an area cleaned off, you can dust it;  then enjoy arranging it.  That gives you a sense of accomplishment, that you can get this job done. 

Getting your home cleaned room by room and working to keep them uncluttered will make your holiday preparations easier this year.  I want to be able to invite friends over for supper,  or for dessert and games.  What do you want your fall and holiday season to be like?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Need an Office, but You Still Want Your Dining Room?

I have been trying to figure out how to make my dining room into a proper office for my work for ages.  I have moved the table around, managed to pile it high with junk, because I always end up moving to my recliner to paint and plan, or to use my laptop.  I have cleared it, so I could sew and cut out patterns on it:  I even brought my sewing machine in there.  I really do not like that! So I am going to move the table again (not shown in this post).  Also, I am going to use it for my desk. because I need someplace new to work.  I continually pile up stuff beside my recliner, and I do not like it!

 My side board was the one area I desired to have to use for laying paper when I am printing out things or organizing materials I want to use, but I was afraid to have it look anything other than a sideboard.  If I did it would get piled like my dining room table.  Guess what!  I have given up on that idea.

The sewing machine is out of there.  I don't know where it will end up, but I do not sew much anymore.

Wow!  Cluttered Sideboard and I don't like it anymore.
Seeing this made me realize I need to move the small picture.

The sideboard is becoming more useful for me.  I am changing some of the things I store in it.  And, I have rearranged the top.  I put the picture (butterflies and words below), which was something I won in one of my friend's giveaways, on a wall in another room.  You can find her on the Gifted Genie on Facebook.  I now have useful items like a stapler and a pencil sharpener on the sideboard.  I also have some of my inspiration / information books under my lamp.

Note the stapler in front of the planter basket.   The dark color of the basket and the flowers above tend to draw one's eyes away from the stapler.  In the next picture, I am going to show you how I hid the pencil sharpener.  I still have it plugged in.

It is hard to show the difference in pictures, but when I walk in the room, the stapler becomes part of the background.  It did not do that in front of the books.  Also, I like having my Art Books here.  It reminds me what I miss when I am not creating.

The important thing here is I enjoy reading and thinking about being creative.  It does not really matter what a Designer thinks is right about where I should put things in My room.  It is important what I think.  And, I enjoy most things that are considered art.  Also, I need to organize, because I have a new business (not art), and I have felt very disorganized in my home lately.  I am enabling myself to be more organized in my business and my hobby, so I can be organized in my life.  That takes making a new area to work, to organize the tools I need, and to go to when I need to be away from the television.  If I really want to work in a lounge chair when I am on the internet, I can go to my guest room.

Anyway, I am making progress in my "home office."  I will update you later.

Note to self:  Buy a new index card file and dividers.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Necessity of Fitting Rest into Your Busy Time Schedule

Image Courtesy of  num_skyman/

Today is a rest day for me.  I have not yet turned into Wonderwoman even though, I was beginning to act as if I thought I had.

It occurred to me that all my readers and friends who have autoimmune diseases or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome would benefit from a discussion about how to handle those wonderful times we have a new regimen of supplements or pharmaceuticals that are working for us.  If you are anything like me, you want to make up for lost time and do all the things you have been missing.  Or, you may decide to use those muscles that feel better and are getting stronger to jump into a thorough deep housecleaning.  Perhaps, you are returning to social interaction that you had backed away from, because you were too fatigued or depressed.

All the above is understandable and a pretty normal reaction, especially to those of us that were by nature extremely social creatures with a desire to be with family, friends, and acquaintances.  However, have you ever heard that phrase "too much of a good thing?"  Please be aware, I am not here to dampen your enthusiasm.  Keep that enthusiasm.  How wonderful to feel well enough to be enthusiastic about life!  That is a gift.

However, I am here to say, "Listen to your body."  If your body says it is tired, "Rest!"  I had a friend last week that was concerned I had overdone after a friend's two day visit.  That concern was well-warranted, because I had spent several days preparing a little more heavily than I may have during a normal week.  Even though I tried to be cautious, I found it hard to leave company and rest, or have a little quiet.  The thing is I was having so much fun, I was like a kid in a candy shop that does not realize too much of a good thing can lower your immune system.  Then, I piled on something else that week:  I opened up a memory foam mattress pad that off-gassed in my house, which I had not looked up to see what chemicals they used to make these things.  That kind of tipped the balance for me, but I was not ready to admit it.

To top that off, I started running out of vitamins, but due to me thinking I did not have enough money, I thought I had to wait to order them.  Oops!  I was wrong.  So here is another puzzle piece to what sets off Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients.  We need our vitamins.  And now, we have had several days of weather change and darker days.  My body has not liked fall weather changes, but I forgot.  The puzzle pieces were finally fitting together, but I was still not ready to give an inch, since getting back to my strict regimen helped the burning fibromyalgia pain, and I was able to get up for my dental appointment.  Last night, I went to choir rehearsal and I did not leave when my body said, "Enough already, go home."

Last night that phrase, "Pride cometh before the fall", became very real to me.  I was letting my pride get in the way.  I fell into the old pattern of worrying about what people would think.  I wanted to show them how healthy I was getting, so I did not do what my body said, even though my husband and I had decided that I would leave choir rehearsal when my body got too tired.  Or, I would just stop singing and listen.  I realized my mistake when I got home, so then I thought about how to remedy the situation.

Image Courtesy of imagerymajestic /

What you do after our body gets healthier matters.  One cannot fall into old patterns of "shop until I drop" or not getting enough sleep.  Just because your body feels better does not mean you have stopped being sensitive to chemicals in the air or food ingredients.  You may feel normal, but your body will remind you when you have gone too far.  Healthy bodies do the same thing before illness.  Healthy bodies are designed to let people know when they are feeling pain, when they have a fever, when they have eaten too much, or when they need to sleep.  Many people who have endured chronic illnesses trained themselves to push through the pain or to do things they did not feel like doing because they had to.  However, nobody should do this on a regular basis.

Therefore, I would like to suggest a few basic tenets to us getting healthier autoimmune/chronic illness folks:

Image Courtesy of Simon Howden /
  • Don't push the envelope.  The work will still be there tomorrow.
  • Do you have a new business or job?  You can learn it and grow it, the same way you got your house clean:  baby steps.  
  • Break each goal or large plan into small, specific steps.  The principal works for healthy people too.  In fact, that is how I raised a family and went back to college.  I studied and read my materials, approached each class project in small steps.  And, by breaking things down into doable steps, I aced most of my classes.  I even did well in classes I thought I might not do well in.
  • Do you need a pajama day?  Guess what.  It is not a sin to have a pajama or yoga pant day.  Everyone needs a day off.  If you want to do this on your day off or while you are working at home, I'm certainly not judging you.  So, do not judge yourself.  Okay?!
  • Your body.  Listen to what your body is saying and figure out what you have done differently.  Do it before you fall into a relapse.  Is your brain feeling foggy?  Are you dropping things at choir rehearsal instead of feeling alert (me)?  Your brain is trying to tell you to "Stop!  Listen to me."  Did any of you ever watch "Lost in Space?"  Your brain is shouting, "Warning, Warning, Warning."
  • Weather Changes  Did you respond to weather changes before you felt better for 3 or 4 months in a row?  Do you really think you are going to stop having bodily responses to weather changes now?  I am talking to me too, and this is how I am handling it.  It's darker, so I am going to sit in front of my light for people that have SAD.  If I have to, I am going to turn on another light to make the room brighter.  Barometric Pressure is not something I can change, but I Can take my antihistamine for fall allergies, rinse my nose out with NeilMed Sinus Rinse,  and I can take Mucinex to thin my respiratory track secretions. 
  • This too shall pass.  Remember that if a treatment has been working well, it is time to figure out what you might be doing differently.  Or, maybe there is something in the treatment that can be decreased or increased according to need.  If you cannot figure it out, than you should get in touch with your medical provider.
  • Rest and Relaxation that will nourish your inner self and revive you is a good thing.  For some this is reading a good book.  For others, it is a stroll on a fall day, listening to relaxing music, turning off the electronics in the house, or soaking in the tub.  Do what your body can handle.  Do not compare yourself with other people.

Unless I come up with another idea to add to the list or you come up with another idea, I think this list is done.  Let me know if you have a good thought to add to this list, and I will add it and publish the list on another post.

Love you all, 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Putting Away Things in Present Time

This looks like a child's room, but it might be the catch all room.
The point is that most people who deal with clutter have had a
room that was a frustration and a mess.  Did you know
there was a study done on how having
too many toys in an area is frustrating for  children?
This makes them feel overwhelmed and depressed.  If
this bothers children, what do you think it does to grownups,
especially an adult that is dealing with chronic illness.  Yep!
It is overwhelming for her too.  
Image courtesy of Bill Longshaw -

Are you putting up things in your house as you go along?  For the past month, I have been making a concentrated effort to do this as I clean up my messes.

I tend to be a piler:  here a stack, there a stack.  Sometimes, it isn't even stacked.  Sometimes, my stuff is strewn.  For instance, I had a hamper full of things I needed to go through.  I have some of those hampers that can be squished flat for storage, and they work well for cleaning up clutter:  put up, throw away, and give away.  I have also used one for a quick clean up, when I ran out of time.
Image courtesy of sattva -

The truth is that I hate going through stuff I have thrown into a hamper or box for a quick clean up.  Sure, it seems efficient when you are in a bind, but getting to it later is hard.  You have to very disciplined in that area or learn to do the first time.

Do it the first time.  What do I mean by do it the first time?  If you get it out, put it up when you are done.  If you come home and you have brought in a couple of bags of things from the store, hang them up and put them in the cupboards.  If you bring in a newspaper, read it and recycle it.  If you have mail, go through it when you bring it in.

Even when your house is a cluttered challenge to be worked on, you can learn to put up things the first time.  This means you will not pile mess on top of mess.  This is one of the ways we become more unorganized and lose things.  Believe me I know.  When you pile stuff on a table or chair, you forget where you put things, because you cover them up.  I am not fussing at you, because I am guilty of this as anyone.

When I visit someone, I always do better in the areas I am talking about.  Do you notice this is the case for you?  Is it because we are more relaxed in our own homes;  or, maybe it is because we get caught up in other things as we come in the house or we are working on a project.  We are interrupted by other family members, our own immediate needs, the phone ringing, or time schedules.
Image courtesy of photostock -

Maybe, you think it is impossible to change.  I simply refuse to believe that. Habits can be changed with baby steps.  Take small steps in the right direction everyday.  If you have a glitch or backslide in an area, work it again.  Actually, working this way can be quite methodical and organized.

Are you living in a mess now?  Spend a little time every day working on one area.  While you work on your messy areas, put things up as you go along in your daily life.  This is so much easier than letting things pile up in little stacks all over the house.  Also, I cannot emphasize enough the need to get rid of the things that are not useful and beautiful in your lives.  If you make the effort to get rid of the clutter, it actually gets easier.  Try it, you might like it.

Hugs, Deborah

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Bathroom Cleaning Directions Brought Back

Here is an excerpt from my Jan. 14th post.  The directions for doing the bathroom still work, and it is helping me to Simplify.  I hate to admit that even before I was ill, I never felt like a Perfect
housekeeper.  However, we sometimes put too much emphasis on that perfection thing.  I used to compare myself to other people.  Well, how often do you just drop in on friends?  You are usually invited, so they clean before you come.  I had one friend that told me a very long time ago, "I thought you were perfect before I got to know You."  After my moment of shock wore off, I felt complemented and I laughed.  Because I always knew I was not perfect.  Ha,ha!

Adjust the Days on this to your energy and when you start.  You may be able to do two days in one.

I know the chronic illness is often the thing that gets in the way.  When we are in pain and unrelenting fatigue assails our bodies, our routines often fly out the window.  We wonder how to get started up again, as we compare what we used to do with what we get done now.  I understand.

The best example I can think of ... comes from my own personal life... I started getting rid of the clutter in my dining room, which is also my  workroom, and the most used entry into our house.  I had a goal, which included having the table and sideboard decorated for Easter.  However, as I worked, I realized I needed to organize my arts and crafts supplies or box everything;  also, I was working on a couple of blog posts... I had other things that had to be done too:  laundry, bathrooms that needed to be cleaned, blogs and Facebook pages to tend to.

 "What's the point?",  you may ask.  The point is not finishing the dining room did not kept me from working on it a little bit at a time.  I have done the necessary everyday things, which I can rarely finish in one day... I jump in where I am.  I try to do a little bit everyday.  On the days I feel better, I may do a little more.

An example would be the bathrooms I cleaned on Saturday.  I cleaned the sinks and counters in both bathrooms, and in one I wiped down the toilet.  I had done the inside and outside of the half bath toilet two nights before, so I concentrated on the things that needed cleaning the most.  I didn't do the shower in the big bathroom, because  it was too big a job for me to tend to that day.  Nor did I do the inside of the toilet bowl in the master bath, because I was plumb out of energy...  

The point is I have not let perfectionism keep me from cleaning my bathrooms.  It is not an all or nothing thing.  My house is cleaner than it was a month ago.  In fact, I was able to rest comfortably when I needed to, because I had cleaned the toilet bowl  less than a week ago.   I feel good about what I'm doing, because I am making progress.  Truthfully, I doubt my house will ever be as clean as I used to keep it when I was healthy.   But, that does not mean I have to give up.  Nor do I have to compare myself with people that are physically able to do more.  I am doing what I can do, baby step by baby step.

Image Courtesy of [Grant Cochrane]/

Are you with me?  Are you ready to work on those bathrooms this week?
If you have enough energy, you can do this in more than one bathroom;  but, I recommend choosing the bathroom that you think needs the most attention.

Tuesday:  Pick up the things that do not belong on the bathroom floor:  dirty towels, discarded clothes, shoes, and toys.  Put those towels in the washing machine if you have a load.  

Wednesday:  Clean off that counter and the back of the toilet.  Put away the things that do not belong there.  Throw away any trash you see in the bathroom.

Thursday:  Assemble your tools for wiping off your bathroom counters and the bathroom sink.  Wipe it down.  Dry it off.  Doesn't it look nice?  Hint:  Keep your cleaning tools in a carrying container like a bucket or under your sink.  If you have small children, be sure to childproof your cabinets.

Image Courtesy of [twobee]/

Friday:  Soak and Scrub the toilet with your toilet brush.  With a rag or paper towel, wipe off the back, the tank, the cover and seat, and underneath the seat.  If you have little boys, you may need to wipe all the way down to the floor, otherwise use your discretion.  I am still looking for a long handled tool to do this, because it is quite painful for me to bend and get in the spaces I use to clean.  Sometimes, I clean the bottom of the toilet with my mop, while doing my mopping. 

Saturday or Monday:  My shower could use a wipe down.  How about yours?

Tuesday:  Are you sick of working on the bathroom?  Here is an optional task:  Mop, depending on how long it has been since you mopped the bathroom floor or whether it needs it. 

Hint: If you take a handi-wipe and wipe off that sink, counter-top, and toilet now and everyday -- your job will be easier every time. 

This is a way of spreading out your work in an area and making it easier.  I like to set a timer for 15 minutes;  however, if I am too fatigued, I set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes.  

We can do this together!



Needed a Burst of Color Today!

I came over here to find something in the archive, and I decided to play around.  I had that distraction thing going on, which is dangerous.

This is what happens when I am resting and I decide to play.  Maybe, the background is a little much.  I'm not sure.  And, I am not even sure I like the template I chose, but it was fun and Simple.  
I think it took less than five minutes.  If this background is not soothing enough, let me know.  I value your opinions.  Meanwhile, isn't it fun to have a change?  In fact, I am thinking about change for my living room before winter hits -- just small things to liven up the browns.  Weather forecasters are predicting a long, cold winter, so a little color will probably be very welcome.

Next thing I am posting will be about Cleaning Our Bathrooms.  I bet you can hardly wait.  Still looking for that archive.  I Will Be  Ba-ack (in my worst Arnold Swartzenager voice).


P.S.  One day, I plan to write about color therapy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September, October Swish-Swash, Week 1

This month we are going to start our preparation for the fall holidays.  For me that begins with the house.  I want our fall holidays to go smoothly, so I thought we could plan to work in a different room each week, starting this week.  If we start now, there will not be that last minute panicked rush in November to ready the house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Image Courtesy of nuttakit /

Each week in September, we are going to choose a room in our home to concentrate on.  Everyday, we will do a different task in our special room for the week.  The key to this challenge working is to reinforce good habits as you get each room cleaned.  We will carry this challenge into October to go through at least 7 rooms in your house and your patio or porch.  The idea is to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day working on the project for the day.  If you do not need to work in the room that I choose for the week or you see something that is more pressing, work on that.  The idea of this challenge is to find satisfaction in preparing ahead instead of leaving our "deep cleaning"  for the end of November or mid-December.

Four things will make this to work for you.
  1. Break your big jobs up into smaller jobs.
  2. Use a timer.
  3. Work in 15 minute increments, so you do not lose your focus.  (If you tire easily, it is alright to break your 15 minutes into 5 minute segments, and rest in between them.)
  4. Remember.  This is not a race.  We are going for reasonably clean, not perfection.*

The Living Room or The Great Room (Set Timer for 15 minutes)

Day 1
Starting at the door, pick up anything you see that does not belong.  Work your way around the room in a clockwise pattern.
Day 2
Clean off your hot spot for 5 minutes.  Use a Swiffer, Vacuum Cleaner, or Dust Cloth and dust all surfaces.
Day 3
If you have a pet, use the long handle on your vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair, especially around the doors.  Pick up any items that do not belong in the living room.
Day 4
Vacuum or Sweep
Day 5
This is your day to scan the living room, and pick up anything that has been left in the room that does not belong there  Use the vacuum cleaning tool for dusting sofas Or  you can clean the windows.

This week would be a great time to implement The 1- Touch Rule, or you will only be starting all over in the living room by the time we finish this challenge.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Learning New Things and Keeping My House Clean Too

Do you ever wonder when you will be cured of Not Being the Perfect Housekeeper, Homemaker, House cleaner, Person who cleans your own house?  I do.  I bet you did not know that.

You may be thinking, "Oh, she is sitting behind her little computer with everything in place.  The house looks perfect, because she has more energy, and she has got it all together now."

My answer to the above is "Nope!", which for my readers needing translation is American slang for no.

I think I had visions of everything being perfect:  I always fall into that trap it seems;  but, the truth is I am struggling in my own ways just like everyone else.  Now, I have two jobs  ( my unpaid decluttering ministry and my Plexus Slim).  That is why I dropped the Decluttering Blog, but I am still getting rid of the clutter.  I just do not have time to take pictures of everything I declutter.  However, sometimes I will bore you with a few of the getting rid of clutter details:  for instance...

  • An old teflon frying pan with the teflon peeling off (not good to eat that stuff) was sitting on the kitchen counter and now it is in the trash.
  • The protective covering that was on the new frying pan, which lay on the counter two days because I wanted someone else to read the instructions, which may never happen, is now in the trash.  But, the directions are still there.  Oops!  Maybe, I should just trash them too.
See, I am still a mess;  and, my house needs to be dusted.  My laundry needs to be put away.  My towels need to be folded.  I need to clean the hot spots too.

What happened?  Life.  Life happened:  I have more energy, but I still have to give my body and brain a break.  Guess what?    It's all Okay.  Sometimes, I am going to spend more time on one thing than the other.  It's a choice I have to make.   You and I will be alright.  I still understand.  Remember, I have been ill for over 20 years.  

I am here.  I am still doing this blog;  although, there are times the things I am learning to balance may be a little different.  I would not stop doing this, when I know there are people like me that would like a chance to be better in health, in doing their work, in being with their family, in getting out of the house and in finding time and energy to play.   Right now, my house is a mess and I am having a bit of a schedule struggle.  I have even found myself skipping vitamins this week, because I got too busy with other things.  I repeat.  I am not perfect.  God is not finished with me yet.  Thank goodness!

 If I tell you about my pink drink sometimes, it is because I want to help you.  I know I need to do more testimonies and more about the products for you that have perked your ears up at the hope something might help.  If you are not interested in reading about a product that might help you;  then, skip over it.  Okay, that is all I have to say about that for now.

Now I just want to anticipate the rest of the weekend, do something with my husband, and forget about work.  In fact, I need to--we all need to take breaks from wear and tear and work-- and  pace ourselves.  

Have a happy Saturday and Sunday!  Put the things of the world out of your mind for a while and rest.  Rest your bodies, do something relaxing, and spend time with God and fellow believers.  

Monday, June 30, 2014

Families Dusting Together

Have you been busy with summer fun or work, when all of sudden you realized it has been three or four weeks since you last dusted?   Can you write in the dust?

Oops!  I can.  No excuses are necessary.  We make choices about how we are going to spend our time and energy.  Sometimes, the house suffers:  well, actually--the house doesn't care, but we do.  Therefore, I am sending out a dusting challenge this week.  Let's dust and vacuum at least one room a day.  Here are some choices of how to do that.  Dust with a throw away Swiffer duster or a Microfiber Dust Rag.  My mother always used the vacuum cleaner brush and sucked up that dirt and hair.

  1. We are dusting, not polishing, unless you just prefer to spray and wipe.
  2. Choices of how to do this job are:
  • Dust and vacuum one room a day.  Or
  • Dust all your rooms in one day--perfection is not the objective here.
  • Vacuum the centers of the rooms, not every little corner, or under everything.  Break this job into increments of time you are able to accomplish or let someone else do it for you. 
  • Option for mothers and fathers with children at home:  hand each child a dust rag and set the timer.  Give them specific areas to dust  and turn on some music.  You can make this a family affair, working in one room at a time or let them do their own rooms. If your child needs hands on attention for this job:  stick to doing one room together.  Make it fun with a treat at the end, such as reading a book or watching a DVD.
Parents, children need to learn to work at home.  It is a necessary part of their training, or they are liable to expect someone else to do it their whole lives.  If they need supervision, remember they will probably not do the job as well as you;  however, it is still important they do it.  Do not frustrate your children by constantly comparing how they do their chores with other members of the household.  Do not heap your perfectionism on them.  Be matter of fact:  "Today we are going to dust.  We will start in the ________.  You work in this section of the room.  Your sister will work in that section of the room, and I will work in this section."

Do the children want to do something later, such as going to a friend's house, swimming, or playing in the sprinkler?  Tell them that none of these things are going to happen, until together you dust a certain number of rooms.  STICK TO YOUR GUNS!  This is training time that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

We did it!
Image Courtesy of [Ambro]

Back to Vacuuming

When you dust, you should vacuum if you can.  These two jobs go hand in hand.  However, use your best judgement.  You can only do what you can do, and you may have to find creative ways to get the job done.  However, I would not wait more than one day to vacuum each room you dust.  What is on the floor will eventually manage to find it's way to the furniture.  Moreover, if you have not vacuumed and dusted for a while, you might want to change your filter for your air conditioner.  A clean filter will help keep your house clean longer.

Note:  If you are going to have to declutter tabletops, because you have let things accumulate on them, you will want to do that a different day than the day you dust;  unless, you are so impressed with clean tabletops, you cannot help yourself.  If you just have to dust after you pick up and put away what is on the tables, the  one room a day method is best

Have a great week, and remember:  when you can write in the dust, your house looks dirty, even when it is decluttered.  



Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Camera Gone?

When will I learn this lesson?  I am sure it's in a safe place.  You would think after all these years and all this decluttering, I would learn to always put my camera in the same place.  Nope!  Still working on it.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

When Your Body Gives You Another Day or Hour of Betrayal

The truth is, I think I have been managing better;  although, my life is not the optimum life I would have expected at 62.  Considering I have several illness, as well as FM and CFS, I guess I am still doing better than some people are.  At least, I do not spend every day in pain that refuses to be shut out.

However, there are moments when the pain or the weird sensations that seem to be part of the FM patient's plight get me down -- way down.  If there was no medicine to take and the pain and weird sensations did not stop, I think they could drive a person mad.  Also, I get deeply tired of the fatigue -- tired of being tired is how I put it earlier this afternoon.

Sometimes, the tears and fog come with the icky tingles and the anxiety.  I start to remember how long I have had this and wonder how I could bear it another second.  But I do.  I have even sometimes asked God why He does not let me die.  However, I know He has a purpose for my life, so I keep on hoping.  I lie down in my bed to try to quiet what is going on, pray, say the 23 Psalm among other scriptures, and I cry.

Then, I usually get up to do something else after that.  Today, I went out on the porch so I could watch the breeze go through the trees and feel the outdoor heat.  I was cold.  Today was a hard to regulate my bodily temperature day, and I have been feeling chilled in air conditioning.

I want you to know you are not alone.  Everybody does not have hunky-dory lives all the time.  Just because someone sounds cheerful does not mean they are not carrying a burden.  Sometimes, I write, and I am afraid you think I can get everything done on my Weekly Schedule.  I don't.  It's a guideline for when I am asking myself what to do next.  I use to say to myself to stop being lazy, but now I realize I am not a lazy person, because I cannot always get things done that I think needs doing.  That is not laziness, it is illness.

I encourage you to hold on to hope.  Look for the good moments, the restful moments, and the memorable moments.  Smell the roses.  And, when those blah days come, remember life is not like this all the time.  This too shall pass.  

Thinking of you often and praying,

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Ultimate Comfort in Good Times and Bad

I have written two things here:  how I have felt since yesterday, which could be chalked up to how the brain chemicals work in those of us who have FM and CFS.  However, there is a comfort that underlies everything in my life, which I feel I must share.  Why?  Because, I care about what happens to you.  I cannot be there or carry everyone's load;  however, there is someone who can.

I would love to have you join my friends at Holley Gerth's ( for our Wednesday link-up. There is lots of super encouragement for everyone.

June is here:  four days into it already.  Have you been planning how you can manage through the hot weather and vacations?  Or, maybe this is the time of year, family comes to visit you.  There are so many things to think about.

The last couple of days I have felt this little underlying frisson of anxiety.  Healthcare is becoming more difficult, because it seems the people we pay want me to jump through more hoops to satisfy their requirements.  That gets to me;  and if I were a doctor or one of his assistants that call these things in or send them in, I would probably not appreciate the extra work.

Moreover, I am thinking of the things I want to do and have not gotten to.  Who and when will we visit certain people, or when will they visit us?  And. then there are the things I want to do around here:  projects inside and outside.

However, when one slows down and thinks of what really matters.  First, he or she needs to realize anxiety can be quelled.  One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:6-7.
 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (NIV)   

The truth is I have not been spending enough time doing exactly what this verse says.  I also find I am calmer when I spend time reading God's word, the Bible, as well as praying.   

 I know some of you may not believe as I do;  and, that is something you are free to do -- to not believe.  God does not force any of us to believe in Him or His Son;  however, He is waiting.  The door is open for all who believe that Jesus died on the cross, paid for their sins, and He arose from the dead.  I guess you are surprised to hear such an open invitation.  And that is because I feel I would be remiss if I did not openly share  the door that opens to God and Heaven.  Someday, that is something we all face -- just as we are born into this world, we go out of this world.  There is no fear for the faithful, for those that truly know Jesus.  It has nothing to do with us doing good deeds or being good enough.  None of us can be good enough. 

I just read a wonderful article from The Word Is Near You by  Anastasios Kioulachoglou:

"His Word is not a puzzle. They didn’t [ You don't] have to go up to the heaven or over the sea to find it. They didn’t [ you don't ]  have to become ponderous or professors of theology to understand it. It was very close, in their mouth and heart. And these are the words, the Spirit of God uses to speak about the faith in the incarnate Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not need to turn heaven and earth upside down to find the salvation. You do not need to go over the sea. You do not need to become heavy with much knowledge in order to understand what you should do. The Word of God is near you. In your mouth and in your heart. And this is summed up in the following phrase: 'that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved' The word of salvation is simple, as simple as the above phrase. There is no need for heavy studies, for pursuits in theology and religions. There is no need of knowledge of special things for which only some have the key and you have to go out and search for them. None of this is needed. It is simply you and God. God has called you. He has called you to confess Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that He has raised Him from the dead. You now have to make a decision whether you will follow, you will believe, this so near word of faith. These are not things far or difficult or mysterious. They are very near you. The salvation is so near you as your heart for the faith and your mouth for the confession. And as the Word of God exhorts: II Corinthians 6:2"Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.' " 

Monday, June 2, 2014

After Eight plus Two

Getting cuddled and "doctored" at the same time.

Last night, after all 8 + 2 of my daughter's and son-in-law's large family left, I decided to play a computer game.  Only, I fell asleep in the middle of it.  At 9 p.m., I went to bed and did not wake up until 10:30 or 11 a.m.  I slept over 12 hours last night.  Amazing!

If you feel shaky in the morning after a busy weekend of holding children and babies, as well as all the commotion you are not used to, don't be surprised.  Even with all the wonderful help my daughter and son-in-law gave in taking over the kitchen on Saturday, I had plenty of other input.

I am so proud of my grandson, who has autism.  He wanted to make pancakes, so he and his grandfather made breakfast on Saturday.  He is 14,  and it brings tears of pride thinking of them standing side by side,  Grandpa doing the bacon and Grandson doing the pancakes.  Grandson  is almost as tall as Grandpa and very thin like Grandpa was when he was young.  Their body build is so similar.  I never knew that would make me feel so sappy.

I am so happy, because I managed to balance just fine for the weekend.  I took a long nap, while they went on an outing, which I would have loved to have joined on Saturday.  They told me all about it, and I think that was almost as fun for them.  Also, I had listened to all my friends and readers, who told me to clean after they came.  I did some organizing, and I listened about the cleaning.  Since I have been keeping the house clean, it looked fine.  And now, I really need to clean.

Oh dear, I woke up with numb fingers this morning, so my typing is over.  I just wanted you to know how wonderful this weekend was, that I was able to enjoy and not feel overwhelmed.

Love, Deborah

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Family Pitching In

Image Courtesy of

I want you to know how much your thoughts and prayers have meant to me.  We are having a wonderful time;  and, just as I knew my daughter and son-in-law would do, the were out in the kitchen making an easy supper of hot dogs in buns and left over corn, as well as salad.  Today, I took a long nap while they went to an interactive fishing museum.  They even caught fish, but had to throw them back.  :(  However, they understood why.  Also, I could not believe the nap I took.  I slept right threw lunch.  Amazing.  Could not hold my eyes open.  Now, I am ready for bed--pj's on, hair washed, teeth brushed, medicine taken.  I was falling asleep again while playing a game.  I love it -- falling alseep and not lying in bed.

Oh.  I just want to mention the CFS/FM buzz.  At noon,  I had that from all the morning  activity.  You can feel the buzz inside your body.  I don't know how else to explain it.  It may have something to do with our nerves, but I know it has something to do with to much input.  I also know that people, who have autism get that same buzz from the things that are too much input.  Connection?  I don't know. Just thought I would throw it out there.

I hope you are having a good weekend.  I am.  And, I am sure I will pay, but that is OK.  It is worth it to cuddle your youngest grand - 3 months and all of them up to 14.  Lots of hugs and cuddles going around here.  Hint:  do not get an electric recliner unless you have too, or you will be saying, "Keep your hand off the control."  a lot.  Frayed nerves on that one.  The only reason I have one is my sister gave me theirs when I had the hip replacement.  And, I have to admit my knees appreciated it at their worst.

God bless you all.  Have a good Sunday. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Comfortable Clothes That Help You Heal -- Really!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but I have felt what Tommie Copper can do for me  (Not a man, ladies), although a man did invent these clothes after he was in an accident that changed his life.

I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me, but the heating pad, ibuprofen, changing back into my "cute" pajamas helped (I needed softer clothes, and my Tommie Copper). 

Also, I am ready to tell you about this brand that has helped my arthritis and fibromyalgia.  It is pricey for some people, but they have good sales.  Even though, I have to watch my pennies, my hubby and I say it is worth it.  Oh yes, I have fallen in love with Tommie Copper.  Here is some of my experience:
  •  The Compression Knee Sleeve.  My knees rarely hurt anymore, unless I give them a harder workout.  I can get up from a chair without using my hands to push myself up now.  Before, it hurt too much.
  • Compression socks that go all the way up the calf and are not too hot.  
  • The gloves, which I cannot say enough about.  Before the gloves, my fingers were tingling and numb.  Sometimes, they were so numb, they hurt!  No longer is that true, usually.  If they even start to tingle, the gloves are on my hands when I go to bed and when I read a book.
  •  I started small and I am presently excitedly waiting for Capris and my Compression Core Band for my back.  I cannot wait to see what they do for me. 

 I am pretty sure I will be buying more of their clothes:  leggings to wear under tunics or dresses in the winter time.  Actually, I have a couple of skirts that I plan to wear the capris under.  I am thinking about sewing some of my clothes again, so I can have some darling toppers that go over and compliment these leggings and capris for those "dressier times."  I have seen some adorable clothes that would look cute over them by a Nordic designer, but I would have to pay an arm and a leg by the time I paid customs.

Anyway, I changed my clothes.  I rested.  I ate.  I worked and I sat down to write this.  My body feels better already.  If I had the band, my back would feel better after I work.  

I'm sure you would like some links and pictures, so I will give you some. 

 Compression Sock and
 Compression Knee Sleeve Selfie
Love you all, Deborah

Compression Glove Selfie

 P.S.  The clothes by the European Designer are by Gudrun Sojden.  I love them:  they look so comfortable and adorable.  I would wear them, even though I am a sixty-something.  She does.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Too Much in my Mind

Do you ever feel like you have two much rolling around in your mind?  Does it feel cluttered and you feel a need to compartmentalize your thoughts, because the thoughts are beginning to feel confusing and irritating?

Right now, I am there:  and, I do not like it!  Not at all...'cause it's not fun and I feel like it is wasting my time.

Is there a solution?  Get out a notebook, brainstorm and work on the ideas separately.  Then, go do something else. I may even go paint, because I am spinning my wheels right now.  Painting can be like a kind of meditation, especially when it is in your art journal, except I left it at  my daughter's house, so I will start a new one.

Friday, May 16, 2014

An Easy Family Supper

My Mother's Day Present,
An Apron

My Renaissance Man Grandson's Gift from the Beach
Wednesday night, my sweet daughter, her hubby, and their eight kids came by on their way back home from vacation.  It was a quick visit, but I'm sure there will be more visits this summer.  I wish I had taken a picture of the dining table.  I had it set when they got here (my daughter noticed).  She mentioned how nice the house looked.  One of my granddaughters said I had a pretty bedroom.  Hooray!

There were no guilty feelings going around in my head that I had not perfectly cleaned every corner of the house.  The old me had to have every corner clean and every item that was not in it's best place taken care of.  I did clean off a couple of hot spots by using my "cleaning baskets."  Tomorrow, I will probably go back to go through the items I cleared off those small tables.

My Sweet Oldest Granddaughter's
Gift from the Beach

Best of all, everyone loved supper and it was easy!  I made Slow Cooker Spaghetti Casserole.  The pasta did not have to be precooked;   so, there was no extra large pot and colander to wash from spaghetti.  It went in the crock pot dry.  Here is the recipe.

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Casserole

I made this in a 6 quart Crock Pot.  I fed ten hungry people and had leftovers.

  • 2 lbs of ground beef
  • Olive oil
  • 1 medium onion, chopped 
  • half to one green pepper, chopped into small pieces, not tiny
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced or crushed in a garlic press
  • salt to taste (remember that you are not boiling the spaghetti in salty water, I sprinkled back and forth 2 or 3 times -- 3/4 of a teaspoon?)
  • pepper to taste (I admit to being a sprinkler.  I probably sprinkled half a teaspoon.)
  • 1  14 1/2 to 15 ounce can of diced Italian Tomatoes  (you could use stewed or plain, but add italian seasoning or oregano)
  • 24 ounce jar of Spaghetti sauce
  • 16 ounces thin spaghetti  (I used whole wheat.)
  • Water to rinse out the spaghetti jar (about 1/2 a cup)  I mix this into the sauce.  You could also use red wine or red cooking wine. 
  • Two or three cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese  ( I used the shaker dry cheese, but you could use fresh grated)
Sauteed bell pepper first in 3 Tablespoon Olive oil, then add onion, and garlic.  Sauteed ground beef with the previous ingredients.  It does not have to be browned, just cook enough that the color changes.

Add Diced Italian Tomatoes and Spaghetti Sauce.  Put water or wine into jar, swish around and add to sauce.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Layer the ingredients into the slow cooker in this orders  (you can spray your slow cooker with cooking spray first, but I forgot) :

  • A third of the sauce on the bottom of the crock pot
  • Break the thin spaghetti into two inch pieces.  Put half the box in the pot.
  • More sauce.
  • Half the cheddar cheese.  
  • Generously sprinkle Parmesan cheese.
  • The rest of the spaghetti broken into two inch pieces.
  • The rest of the sauce.
  • Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese spread over the top
Cook for 4 hours on low temperature.  If you have to wait for guests to arrive, it does fine waiting on warm.

Serve with hot pepper like in the pizza parlor and Parmesan cheese if desired.  Let your guests do the sprinkling, because it tastes good as made.


I cooked frozen green beans, as well as frozen broccoli and cauliflower side by side in the waterless Miracle Maid electric cookware that used to be my mother's.  She hardly ever used this large piece.  It also is great for making pancakes.  I think you could use a large covered skillet too on a low temperature.   I dotted them with butter, sprinkled salt, pepper, and basil on them.  We have teenagers in our family now, and I had to pull out a bag of mixed vegetables, and leftover okra and tomatoes.  My daughter helped me.  I am glad they like vegetables.  It's a good thing they have a garden.  That is a lot of mouths to feed everyday, and they do it well.  

We could have had salad, but it is easier to cook frozen vegetables -- less preparation.


I had visions of home made bread dancing in my head, but we settled for three 12 inch  loaves of garlic bread.  I sliced it into inch sections and put it in a large bowl covered with colorful flat, cotton towels.


We had two choices of ice cream.  My husband said "KISS -- keep it simple, Sweetie."

It felt wonderful to have supper ready when they got here, and I was not a worn out mess.  
Whatever weariness I experienced after the visit was worth it.  I meant to take lots of pictures, but I was too busy loving on my family.  I had to hold my babies, even though I cannot do it as long as I used to do.  I should have requested pictures, but we were so busy getting in time together, that I made no requests.

I also have a beautiful new apron they brought me, a Mother's Day present.  I think I could wear the top of it for a fabric necklace.  It has to be unattached to wash it.  So it really is a necklace.  What do you think?