Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Avoiding Work or Any Other Thing in Your Life That Could Be Good For You

Do you ever have a day that you feel fine, but you really do not want to do any of the things you could do?  I think I hit that day today.  I really don't feel like I have done much that is significant:  it has been my lull during the middle of the week.  I feel great, but I realize I have used all kinds of avoidance techniques when there are obvious things I could do around here.

Do you know how to read the signs of avoidance?  Do you blame it on fatigue or the blues?  Do you know how to make yourself do some of the things you are not getting done?  Do you really want the day to just slip away?

Here are some of my obvious signs of avoidance.  Please keep in mind that I feel fine.

  1. Staying in my p.j.'s.  Yes, I know pajama days are a valid way of resting, but sometimes you just have to get regular clothes on to get moving.
  2. Staying on the computer too long.
  3. Walking by that bedroom chair that is piled with clothes.
  4. Walking by that full clean laundry basket.
  5. Starting to do a small cleaning project and getting conveniently distracted.
  6. Thinking of all kinds of things you Could do, but staying on the computer too long.
  7. Feeling bored when You have lots of things that you could do.
  8. Feeling guilty that you feel good, and you know you could get ahead on your work;  but, you get a cup of coffee or some sort of snack to munch on.  (That is one I try to avoid.)

I think I could probably come up with a much longer list, but I am tired of avoiding stuff.  I think I am going to set my timer and do #8.  After that, I will reboot my laundry or maybe I will do that first.  Then, I am going to shower and wash my hair.  I have really been avoiding that one, because it is cold here.  Also, I am going to take the time to pat myself on the shoulder for the things I have gotten done, rather than feeling a vague sense of guilt and wondering if someone was judging me for sitting around a good part of the day.  In fact, I am going to go ahead and congratulate myself for getting up today at an earlier hour,  which is something I have been working on.

Here goes.  I hope this will encourage you on one of your days of avoidance!!!!


  1. I am the Queen of avoidance! I have been trying the Pomorodo Technique - work on one task without distractions for 25 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes, and repeat however many times you want. It is easier to get started - and I get lots done in 25 minutes

    1. After I wrote this, I did get busy. Now, I need to make myself do it again. The Pomorodo Technique sounds like a great idea, especially for those of us that energy to work in 25 minute increments. I am going to check it out.

  2. The only time I like myself is when I don't avoid things. It's so encouraging to read this blog.


It's always lovely hearing from you. xoxo, Deborah