Monday, January 11, 2016

Dirty Walls in the Bathroom?

Today, I was shocked as I swiped at the wall in my bathroom with my cleaning rag, and the rag had dirt on it.  The walls did not look dirty or moldy.  However, the dirt was on the rag, and I could not deny it.  So after I cleaned a small portion of wall, which is all I will do at a time, I wondered how it got dirty.

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Our bathrooms are places that get filled with steam;  sometimes, we spray hairspray in our bathrooms, and the air in the house that circulates has dust in it, whether you dust regularly or not.  The dust in turn sticks to the wall.   Perhaps, it is not as obvious as the dust that collects on horizontal surfaces, but it is there just the same.

How should you clean your bathroom walls?  If they are not moldy, a little spray detergent that does not have to be rinsed will do.  Today, I actually used my rag that I used on my bathroom counter.  My walls are made out of a material that does not have to be coddled like painted walls.  Also, I did not go for the whole wall.  I did a portion, and I will do another portion later -- I plan to use a sponge type mop or an extendable cleaning wand.

My bathrooms are clean, and it was easy.  I even took the time to dust off three shelves in my main bathroom.  Also, my toilets and sinks look great!  I left a couple of jobs for later -- actually probably tomorrow.  This is how to clean as you go along, so things do not pile up.

Here is a helpful link to How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Without Cleaning

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